I want my ex to love me again, I want my ex to give our relationship another chance, I want my ex to forgive me and come back to me, I want him back into my life, I can’t leave any more without him, I feel life is meaningless without him by my side.

I am in desperate need to bring my ex back faithfully, mentally, honestly, loyally, unconditionally, true, back to me and only me I want my ex to cut all ties with his family friends social media groups etc.. That is causing distractions in our relationship, I want him to rid himself completely from them and build an empire style of love with me that no one or nothing can break through it.

I want him to be fully faithfully and honest and loyal to only me mentally physically sexual forever. I want him to look at me like I’m the sun the moon and the stars and I want him to express his daily love commitment and loyalty to me and the whole world. I want him to always think about me, need me and want me around constantly only me.

I want to be on his mind continuously only me starting now from this very second to eternity, I want my ex to call and finally realize that together were unstoppable he is blessed to have me and will spend the rest of his life showing me and only me his fairytale true love he has for me and I want the whole world to see and know this is real true and will last for all eternity and I want us to get married.