She had a long term relationship with her ex, they almost shared everything relationship share then they separated due to their misunderstandings and poor treatment of each other, the time you found her, they had nothing to share they were history to each other, you made her yours, she made you happy ,you made her the happiest women ever .

You shared a lot in common, she even moved in to stay with you then all of the sudden her ex showed up and win her back again from you, you never saw it coming due to that much love you had for her, due to the trust and commitments you had with her, she made you believe that she was completely over him and she has nothing to do with him at all.

This is hard for you to believe that it happened, she went back to her jealous ex after all you have done for her, after all the times you have been there for her in good and bad times, after all the time you have been supporting her, loving her and giving her all the best you can, all she left you with are memories of things you shared and had in common, she broke the promises of never go back to her ex no matter what, she she broke the is commitments you had to gether she broke the commitment of staying with you forever.

with all those thousand quetions without answers filled in your head, you can’t sleep, you can’t eat, you hate your life and regret the day you meet her, you cant settle at all, she left you with questions without answers  and reminders of the relationship you had.

After all that pain she has caused you nothing more good you wish for them,you want justice, you want her to regret why she left you and went back to her ex, you want them to breakup so badly that they will never talk or cross each other, you want them to be enemies forever, you want them to fight and cause pain to each other.

cast the revenge spell to break them up and end their relationship badly since it’s what you have wanted to do to her for leaving you and go back to her ex, this revenge spell is break up spell that will tarnish and destroy her relationship with her ex, they will never to be together again, they will never ever get back together, they will fill the same pain they made you go through, they will both have the worst of each other after you cast the revenge spell to break them up.

Get your justice, get your revenge end their relationship badly, end their happens cast the revenge spell to break them up now and make her regret why she left you for him.